7 Reliable Phone Number Validator API for Your Next Product

by | May 7, 2024

Data security is one of the most important issues of our time. The widespread use of the Internet, the digital age, and the fact that billions of people spend time on the Internet have revealed data vulnerabilities. The consequences of data vulnerabilities harm businesses in many ways. Because of this, businesses have started to take various steps to protect users’ data. The most popular of these steps today is to use a phone number validation API. A phone number validator API that provides a phone number verification service is the easiest step for businesses to eliminate data vulnerabilities.

This API allows businesses to easily validate their users’ phone numbers. Therefore, businesses allow users to take necessary actions after validating their phone numbers. Users often verify their phone numbers to obtain information such as bank account information, credit card transactions, or more personal information. The increasing use of phone number validation APIs has increased the number of these APIs. In this article, we will introduce today’s most popular and reliable APIs that provide phone number validation services.

Why Phone Number Validation Matters?

Phone number validation ensures the accuracy and efficacy of phone numbers within a dataset. It goes beyond simply checking for typos or incorrect formatting. Validation verifies the existence and current usability of the phone number. Here are some of the reasons why phone number validation matters:

  • Data Accuracy: Validation eliminates errors and inconsistencies in phone number databases and ensures that the phone numbers collected are legit. 
  • Heightened Security: Phone number validation safeguards user accounts and sensitive information by strengthening two-factor authentication and password recovery processes. It verifies the user’s identity through the phone.
  • Streamlined Communication: Phone number validation guarantees that the given phone number is valid or not. It ensures that messages, notifications, and calls reach the intended recipients. 
  • Improved Campaign Performance: Validation significantly reduces “bounced” messages or failed calls. It offers a better return on investment to the marketing campaigns utilizing SMS or phone calls.
  • Reduced Fraudulent Activity: Validation confirms the legitimacy of phone numbers associated with new user registrations. It provides protection against malicious actors.

How Phone Number Validation APIs Enhances Your Operations? 

Phone numbers remain a vital touchpoint for businesses. Yet inaccurate or outdated information can lead to a lot of problems; phone number validation APIs validate phone numbers and determine carrier name, line type, and prepaid status to authenticate users. It yields significant benefits across various departments within an organization. The use cases of Phone Number Validation APIs in Various Industries are:

  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup: The phone number validation APIs enables discovering the owner’s name of a phone number with worldwide coverage rates using reverse phone lookups. 
  • Instant Validation: The APIs allow easy identification of disconnected or inactive phone numbers, which swiftly validate user data promptly.
  • Identification of Fake Users: The APIs detect duplicate user accounts and fake registrations to automatically block accounts from accessing your platform.
  • Mitigation of Chargebacks & Payment Fraud: The APIs identify phone numbers associated with recent malicious behavior to combat high-risk transactions. 
  • Geo Filtering: The APIs validate phone numbers online to ensure alignment with their location. It enhances geo-filtering by pairing phone number validation with IP Reputation scoring for comprehensive security measures.
  • Identification of High-Risk Behavior: The APIs analyze user phone numbers to prevent the use of fraudulent numbers, including temporary phone numbers, Google Voice, and VOIPs.
  • Lead Generation & User Data Verification: The api to validate phone numbers ensures the accuracy and validity of the data collected. It prevents fake leads and maintains data integrity throughout the lead-generation process.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Reliable Phone Number Validation API:

The phone number validation APIs offer a robust solution that yields significant benefits across an organization. However, selecting the most suitable API requires careful consideration of several key factors.

  • Accuracy: Before selecting any API, ensure that your API surpasses and performs real-time verifications, including carrier information and line status, to guarantee the highest level of accuracy. 
  • Global Coverage: Choose an API that comprehensively covers the target audience globally for effective validation. 
  • Performance and Scalability: Opt for an API with rapid response times. Also, make sure that your chosen API can handle increasing volumes of validation requests as your business grows to avoid bottlenecks. It will maintain a seamless user experience within your application.
  • Additional Features: Check out for additional features such as line type identification, do-not-call verification, and adherence to litigation regulations.
  • Reputation and Support:  Research the provider’s reputation for reliability and customer support. Also, check out reviews and readily available support channels.

Top Phone Number Validator API List

In this section, we will list the most reliable phone number APIs available today.

The Numverify API

home page of the numverify phone number validator api

The Numverify API is one of the most reliable and best phone number validation APIs on the market. Supports phone numbers of 232 countries. With the data obtained from reliable sources, this API provides high-accuracy data to its users. This API provides a very detailed JSON response. This JSON response provides very detailed information about the phone number, such as line type, carrier, and country. The numverify API also integrates easily into all programming languages.

Learn how to get started with the Numverify API.

This API has multiple subscription plans. Three are paid and one is free. The free plan offers up to 100 requests per month and an API key is required. The paid plan starts at $14.99.

Abstract API

home page of the abstract phone number validator api

Abstract Nokia provides a phone number validation API used by many businesses like Bayer, Google, and more. This API provides the ability to validate phone numbers of 190 countries. Moreover, this API provides fake number detection. It is a very simple API to use. Additionally, it guarantees a high uptime to its users.

Abstract API has a flexible pricing policy. It has multiple paid plans. The fee of the initial plan is $9 per month.


home page of the numlookapi phone number validator api

NumlookupAPI is a reliable worldwide phone number lookup API. More than 15,000 businesses around the world, especially companies such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, and SAP, use this API. This API offers unlimited concurrency to its users with its paid plans. It is a very fast API. It has unique documentation that provides very detailed information about the API. Furthermore, in this documentation, there are sample integration codes of this API into multiple programming languages.

This API has a free subscription plan. This plan is limited to 100 requests per month. Paid plans start at just $9.99 per month.

Byteplant Phone Number Validator API

home page of the byteplant phone number validator api

Byteplant Phone Number Validator API is currently used by international companies such as Toyota and Autodesk. It is an international phone number validator API. This API supports phone numbers from 240 countries. It can also perform phone number verification in bulk.

While this API offers subscription plans to its users, it also offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. It is possible to get price information according to the needs from the pricing tab of this API.

Neutrino API

home page of the neutrino phone number validator api

Neutrino is another reliable phone number validation API that provides a number validation service to users. This API offers its users very easy to use. In addition, the JSON response it provides contains detailed information. Country, country code, and type are just some of the information it provides.

This API offers its users three different paid subscription plans. The first of these plans starts at $10 per month.

Mocean API

home page of the mocean phone number validator api

Mocean is an API provider that provides various services today. One of these services is phone number lookup. With this service, Mocean provides its users with the phone number validation process with a very detailed JSON output. It can be easily and quickly integrated into multiple programming languages.

This API charges its users €0.0035 per lookup.

Veriphone API

home page of the veriphone phone number validator api

Veriphone API is a powerful real-time phone number validator API that supports 248 countries and territories. This API provides information such as line type, carrier, and region of a phone number. It also supports bulk number validation. It provides integration codes for popular programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, and Java in the documentation it provides.

Veriphone API offers its users a limited plan of up to 1000 requests per month, free forever. Their paid plans start at $6.99 per month.

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At the end of the day, the number of phone number validation APIs available to developers and businesses in the market has increased. These increasing APIs have made it difficult to detect reliable phone number validation APIs that serve in this regard. The trusted APIs we listed in this article are the phone number validation APIs that multiple customers frequently use today.

Navigating through the API Marketplace, you’ll find Numverify standing out as the top choice for phone number validation. Its comprehensive documentation and interactive features enable developers to implement the API into their projects quickly. It also offers reliable support to assist developers at every step of the integration process.

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Why is it important to validate phone numbers in applications?

Validating phone numbers in applications is important to ensure data integrity and improve user experience. It ensures that SMS notifications or phone calls can effectively reach the intended recipients.

How accurate are Phone Number Validator APIs?

The accuracy of Phone Number Validator APIs depends on the specific provider and the level of validation performed. Reputable APIs offer high accuracy rates by distinguishing between valid and invalid phone numbers. 

Can Phone Number Validator APIs handle international phone numbers?

Yes, Phone Number Validator APIs can handle international phone numbers. The APIs recognize and validate phone numbers from various countries and regions worldwide based on the number’s format, country code, and whether it is in use or not.

How quickly can Phone Number Validation APIs process requests?

The phone number validation APIs process requests with a response time ranging from milliseconds to a few seconds.

What kind of support and documentation do Numverify API providers offer?

Numverify offers interactive documentation, which provides developers with a user-friendly interface to explore the features and functionalities of the API. 

Can Phone Number Validator APIs detect and handle invalid or disconnected numbers?

Yes, phone number validator APIs detect and handle invalid or disconnected numbers. The API detects disconnected numbers in real-time and provides information that they are not readily available from telecom providers.