Free Carrier Lookup APIs: A Comprehensive Guide

by | May 23, 2024

Today is the age of technology. And we’re experiencing the impact of technological developments in almost every field. Take, for example, free carrier lookup tools that businesses across industries use to enhance user satisfaction, improve targeted marketing campaigns, prevent fraud, and enhance security measures. Carrier lookup is the process of determining which carrier a phone number belongs to. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of a free carrier lookup API and its benefits for businesses. We’ll also explore the factors to consider when choosing a free phone carrier lookup tool and introduce you to a widely used carrier lookup API.

What is a Free Carrier Lookup API?

An illustration of phone validation and lookup API

A phone carrier lookup API is essentially a programming interface that automates the process of determining which carrier a phone number belongs to. In other words, developers and businesses can integrate a phone number carrier lookup API in their workflow to determine the carrier associated with a phone number. This process usually involves querying a global database or leveraging very powerful infrastructure integrated with operators. 

Businesses widely use free carrier lookup APIs for various purposes. They help businesses with target audience analysis to strengthen marketing strategies. 

Moreover, they enhance security by verifying identity and preventing fraud. For example,  customer support lines and call centres can check carrier information through the customer’s phone number to verify the customer’s identity. This way, they can provide customer-specific services and prevent fraud. 

What Features Should You Look for in a Free Carrier Lookup API?

Features of numverify free carrier lookup API

A phone carrier lookup API must have some basic features to work effectively.

Up-to-date and accurate data

The API must provide access to accurate and up-to-date information. Because carrier information may change over time, the databases used by the API must be constantly updated and able to adapt to carrier changes quickly. 

Quick response

The API should have fast response times. This is especially crucial when you need real-time data for applications like fraud detection or spam prevention. Thus, the API should enable users to obtain carrier information instantly and reliably. 

Moreover, it’s best to choose an API that delivers data in JSON format as its lightweight and easy to read. 


If you have a global audience, verify that the API supports phone numbers from multiple countries.


A good free phone carrier lookup API offers easy integration with different types of web apps. A user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular programming languages are inevitably important. 

Additionally, the API should have detailed documentation containing all the necessary information regarding the endpoints and API usage, as well as code examples. This makes the integration process even easier.

Advantages of Obtaining Carrier Data

There are many advantages of obtaining carrier data across industries:

Targeted marketing campaigns

Businesses can segment customers based on carrier information to deliver more effective targeted marketing campaigns. For example, sending promotions specifically tailored to users of a certain mobile network.

Moreover, they can analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by tracking delivery success rates and engagement based on carrier data.

Fraud prevention and security

Customer support lines or call centres can use carrier information to verify the identity of customers. This will allow them to provide customer-specific services and enhance security.

Moreover, businesses can identify high-risk phone numbers based on carrier and line type information. For instance, numbers associated with specific carriers might be flagged for additional scrutiny due to their higher association with fraudulent activities.

Data management and analysis

The use of carrier data in data management and analysis is also quite common. This helps businesses in the industry gain competitive advantage easily. This data helps companies make strategic decisions while also allowing them to optimize infrastructure management. Thus, telecommunication companies can manage their operational processes more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage with this data.

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Numverify API: A Comprehensive Phone Number Verification and Carrier Lookup Solution

home page of the numverify free carrier lookup API

Numverify is a leading phone number verification and lookup API recognized for its high accuracy. The numverify offers various helpful features, such as:

  • Checking the validity of phone numbers
  • Looking up carrier information
  • Line type detection
  • Obtaining geolocation data.

Here are the key features of the numverify free carrier lookup API:

  • Numverify is backed by reliable data sources. This makes it a dependable carrier lookup free API to find phone carrier details.
  • The API offers carrier detection, phone number validation, and line type detection. 
  • Numverify provides real-time data. This means you always get the most up-to-date and accurate carrier details for the phone numbers you provide.
  • Numverify supports both local and international phone numbers. This makes it perfect for projects with global user bases. 
  • The API is compatible with various programming languages. And integrating the Numverify API into different projects is quick and easy. 
  • The API has detailed documentation that provides clear usage instructions. It also contains code examples in various programming languages to ease the integration process. 
  • Numverify offers a free plan that supports up to 100 monthly API calls.
  • The API returns data in lightweight, easy-to-read JSON format.
  • Numverify supports 232 countries across the world.
  • The API also provides geolocation data associated with a given phone number., This helps businesses improve their security systems and geo-targeted marketing strategies.

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Using a Free Carrier Lookup API

Here, we’ll show you how to integrate Numverify API into your projects, as it is the one of best free phone number carrier data APIs on the market today. This API easily integrates into all programming languages thanks to its flexible structure.

First, you need to sign up to get your free API key. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll find your API key in your dashboard. The free plan offers 100 API requests per month. If you want more monthly requests and access to advanced features, you can subscribe to one of the paid subscription plans.

Here is an example integration code for the JavaScript (jQuery.ajax) language:

// set endpoint and your access key

var access_key = FREE_API_KEY;

var phone_number = '14158586273';

// verify phone number via AJAX call


    url: '' + access_key + '&number=' + phone_number,  

    dataType: 'jsonp',

    success: function(json) {

    // Access and use your preferred validation result objects




With this code, we print detailed information about the number ‘14158586273’ to the console screen using the JavaScript language, which forms the basis of today’s web-based applications. The JSON response of this API response is as follows:


    “valid”: true,

    “local_format”: “4158586273”,

    “intl_format”: “+14158586273”,

    “country_code”: “US”,

    “country_name”: “United States of America”,

    “location”: “Novato”,

    “carrier”: “AT&T Mobility LLC”,

    “line_type”: “mobile”


The above response contains phone carrier information as well as information regarding the validity of the number. Thus, you can use numverify to remove invalid phone numbers from your database.

You can find a detailed tutorial (with coding examples) here on finding phone carrier in JavaScript.

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In conclusion, free carrier lookup APIs are invaluable tools for businesses across various sectors. These APIs provide crucial information about phone numbers, including the associated carrier and line type. By leveraging this data, businesses can:

  • Enhance their security and fraud prevention measures
  • Optimize communication and marketing strategies
  • Improve overall operational efficiency.

Key features to look for in a free carrier lookup API include accuracy, reliability, ease of integration, global coverage, and robust security measures.

Numverify API stands out as a reliable number validation and lookup tool. Its ability to check the validity of phone numbers, look up carrier information, and instantly provide geolocation data allows businesses to gain advantages in key areas such as reliable communications, data validation, and audience analysis.

Sign up now and take advantage of numverify’s powerful capabilities! 


How do I find out what carrier a phone belongs to?

The easiest and most effective way to obtain this information is to use a free carrier lookup API such as numverify.

What is carrier lookup service?

A carrier lookup service allows you to determine which mobile carrier a phone number belongs to. In the communications industry, this information allows users to check the validity of numbers and obtain geolocation data.

What information does the numverify API provide about the phone number?

In addition to checking the validity of the phone number, numverify API provides information about which carrier the number belongs to. It also offers users an extra advantage with the ability to obtain geolocation data. Moreover, this API also provides line-type information for phone numbers.

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