Free Carrier Lookup API: How to Find Reliable Shipping Data

by | May 9, 2024

With the rapid advancement of the digital age, the accuracy and reliability of user data have become important for businesses in every sense. Customer identities, contact information, and other data have gained value as they help businesses develop effective marketing strategies. This data is also vital for businesses to strengthen customer relationships and therefore grow their business. In these verification processes, phone numbers API services, also known as free carrier lookup API services, have recently come into play.

Phone numbers API services mainly provide businesses with important data such as phone numbers, carrier information, and geographical location, strengthening user verification processes and reducing risks such as fraud. They also allow businesses to verify contact data while directly and easily improving customer experience. Especially with the increase in mobile users in our technological age, having accurate contact information provides a competitive advantage for businesses. These APIs are frequently used in many areas today, especially in the logistics industry. So let’s take a closer look at these phone carrier lookup APIs first. Then let’s examine its most important use case.

Exploring the Functions of Phone Number Carrier Lookup APIs

exploring the functions of phone number carrier lookup apis

Phone number carrier lookup APIs are important tools that empower businesses to verify and analyze mobile phone numbers. These APIs provide the relevant carrier information when the user enters a mobile phone number. This information provides great benefits for businesses in verifying their contact data, strengthening customer relationships, and reducing risks such as fraud.

Mobile phone number carrier lookup APIs make users’ verification processes faster and easier. Especially on online platforms, such tools are needed to verify users’ phone numbers. Phone lookup APIs automatically check the numbers provided by users, detect invalid information, and provide the correct information to the user. So, businesses keep their contact data up to date and positively impact the customer experience.

Discovering Trustworthy Shipping Information via Phone Carrier Lookup Tools

The phone number carrier lookup API helps us in many matters, especially in shipping. Using this API we may collect details about the carrier, location, and city associated with the phone number provided by the customer. We can then compare this information with the shipping details provided by the customer and, if a match, deliver to the correct address.

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However, in cases where there is no match, it is necessary to contact the customer to get the correct address, as best practice. For example, the country of residence specified by the customer must be the same as the country in which the mobile phone number is registered. Carrying out such checks allows us to prevent fraud and significantly improve the customer experience by delivering shipments to the right address, to the right person. We also don’t have to pay for packages sent to the wrong address.

Best Free Phone Number Carrier Lookup API for Finding Reliable Shipping Data

numverify phone number carrier lookup api

Numverify API is the best free cell phone carrier lookup API in the market with a wide user network. This API, which serves thousands of users today, is listed under APILayer.

It is a complete phone number API. It provides very exclusive and detailed data on a phone number. The data this API provides includes data such as carrier, line type, location, and valid. In this way, it provides services to many businesses by offering both phone number verification and lookup services at the same time.

It receives the phone number, access key, and mobile country code at its endpoint. Its sample response to a phone number is as follows:

  "valid": true,
  "number": "14158586273",
  "local_format": "4158586273",
  "international_format": "+14158586273",
  "country_prefix": "+1",
  "country_code": "US",
  "country_name": "United States of America",
  "location": "Novato",
  "carrier": "AT&T Mobility LLC",
  "line_type": "mobile"

Numverify’s free cell carrier lookup API is very suitable for global use. The highly accurate data it provides supports 232 countries. And at high speed. Thus, it stands alongside businesses that offer global use in many areas, from e-commerce to logistics, from banking to social media applications. It allows its users to make transactions with valid phone number information.

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Finally, the numverify carrier lookup service has been developed with a developer-friendly structure. It offers developers a very easy integration process by presenting data in structured JSON format. Additionally, it provides sample integration codes in more than one major programming language in its documentation.

Subscription Plans of the Numverify

Numverify, which provides invalid phone number detection to its users, attracts attention with the innovative subscription plans it offers. Unlike other phone number validation APIs in that market, it offers a free plan. Its free plan offers a limit of up to 100 API calls per month and does not support HTTPS.

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The paid plans offered by this API have high usage limits and are affordable. The paid plans it offers start at $14.99 per month for 5,000 API calls per month and go up to $129.99 per month for 250,000 API calls per month.

subscription plans of the numverify api


To sum up, a phone carrier lookup API enables businesses to validate the phone numbers of their customers and provide location and country data associated with the numbers. This data allows businesses to verify the shipping details of the customers to ensure they deliver the right parcel to the right person at the right address. Moreover, it also helps prevent fraud, save costs, and improve customer experience. Numverify is considered one of the best carrier lookup tools due to its high accuracy, ease of use, and advanced features. It supports phone number validation, carrier, and line type detection and also provides location details.

Ready to validate your customers’ phone numbers and find the most reliable shipping data? Sign up for numverify API today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the numverify carrier lookup service work?

A: Using the numverify carrier lookup tool service is pretty easy. As a first step, you need to get an API key from numverify API. This key is required before you can use the API. You then send the API the request for which you want to query the phone number. The API receives this request and sends you the carrier, location, and other details associated with the phone number in response based on the information in the database.

Q: How many API calls does the free plan of Numverify Free Carrier Lookup API offer?

A: Numverify phone number lookup API offers up to 100 API calls per month in its free plan.

Q: What features should a carrier lookup API have?

A: There are some important features that a carrier search API must have. First of all, the API must support a large number of country and carrier information, based on a large database. Additionally, the API offers fast response times and reliability, which is an important factor for users. Other important features may include ease of use, documentation, and technical support.

Q: Does the carrier lookup API help find accurate shipping data?

A: Yes, carrier search APIs can help find reliable shipping data when used correctly. For example, you can use a service like the numverify API to retrieve the carrier and location information for the phone number associated with the shipping address. This information helps the shipment reach the right person and the right address.

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