Free Carrier Lookup API: How to Find Reliable Shipping Data

by | May 30, 2023

Are you running a business that involves shipping tangible goods and products? If so, you need to validate your shipping data before dispatching parcels. This is because customers sometimes provide incorrect shipping details by mistake, whereas sometimes fraudsters intentionally enter incorrect information. In any case, delivering a package to the wrong address is a costly mistake. Your business will not only lose customers, but you must also bear the cost of sending the parcel again to the correct address. This is where you can use a phone carrier lookup API. A phone numbers API provides valuable details, such as carrier, location, and country, against a phone number. But how does this help you find reliable shipping data? Read on to learn more.

What Is a Phone Number Carrier Lookup API?

A phone carrier lookup tool or API allows you to enter a phone number and provides associated details, such as carrier, location, and country. These APIs can access millions of phone numbers and various public databases to provide accurate results. Some powerful phone carrier lookup APIs also allow you to validate phone numbers so that you have a clean database of authentic numbers of genuine customers.

How Can a Phone Carrier Lookup Tool Help Find Reliable Shipping Data?

When you use a phone number carrier lookup API, you can collect details related to the carrier, location, and city associated with the phone number provided by the customer. You can then match these details to the shipping details provided by the customer. You can contact the customer to get the correct address if they don’t match. For example, you can check if the country of residence provided by the customer is the same as the country their cell number belongs to. Doing this will allow you to prevent fraud and deliver the parcel to the right person at the right address, improving customer experience. Moreover, you don’t have to bear the costs of sending the package to the wrong address.

Other Use Cases of a Phone Number Carrier Lookup API

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing involves collecting phone numbers of customers through sign-up forms or text-to-win competitions. Businesses then use this data to keep in touch with customers through SMS messages. For instance, companies send customers updates, promotions, news, and offers related to their products or services through SMS. With a powerful reverse phone number lookup tool, you can validate phone numbers, keep your database clean, and ensure you only send messages to authentic numbers.

Which Is the Best Free Phone Number Carrier Lookup API for Finding Reliable Shipping Data?

numverify phone number carrier lookup API

If you’re looking for a reliable carrier lookup API that is completely free to use, numverify is the best option. Numverify is a fully-featured, easy-to-use API for national and international phone number information lookup and data validation. It is a REST API that provides results in a lightweight, easy-to-understand JSON format within milliseconds. Moreover, Numverify uses reliable data sources and advanced tools to deliver highly-accurate data. As a result, thousands of businesses and developers worldwide trust numverify for phone number carrier lookup and validation.

Here are the key features of the numverify phone number carrier lookup API:

Phone Numbers Validation

phone number validation using the numverify phone number carrier lookup API

With numverify, you can identify valid phone numbers and invalid phone numbers. It enables you to validate phone numbers at the point of entry, allowing maintain a clean database of genuine numbers and increase good leads. Numverify supports advanced phone number validation using the most accurate and frequently updated international numbering plans, location lookup, line type detection, and carrier check.

Supports 232 Countries

Phone number validation can be challenging when you have customers from all around the world. This is because customers can choose from a wide range of phone number formats. However, numverify supports 232 countries worldwide, including the USA, Albania, Spain, Brazil, and more. Hence, you can use the API to validate almost any phone number from any country, including mobile numbers. If you want to see a list of all supported countries, you can use the ‘countries’ endpoint.

Moreover, the numverify phone number validation tool supports both national format and international phone numbers format validation.

Location Data

Numverify carrier lookup service returns location and country details for every valid phone number. These include country name, area/country code, and location. This information helps businesses with marketing.

Extensive Documentation

numverify phone number carrier lookup API documentation

The numverify phone number carrier lookup API has extensive documentation that explains all the API events, methods, and endpoints in detail. It also consists of coding examples in different programming languages. The detailed documentation helps you get started in only a few minutes.

Carrier Detection

Numverify also returns a ‘carrier’ object, consisting of the name of the carrier the specified phone number is registered with. This data is helpful in preventing fraud as it enables you to identify carriers with higher fraud instances quickly. You can then require additional identity authentication for such carriers.

Line Type Detection

Numverify also supports the line of phone type detection. It allows you to identify the line type associated with the requested phone number.

Numverify supports a wide range of line types:

  • Mobile Phone numbers
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Landline
  • Special Services, such as Police
  • Premium Rate Numbers
  • Satellite
  • Paging

Free Plan

Numverify offers a completely free plan that allows users to validate as many as 250 phone numbers per month. Even the paid plans are cost-effective, offering advanced phone number lookup and validation features at the best price.


A phone carrier lookup API enables businesses to validate the phone numbers of their customers and provide location and country data associated with the numbers. This data allows businesses to verify the shipping details of the customers to ensure they deliver the right parcel to the right person at the right address. Moreover, it also helps prevent fraud, save costs, and improve customer experience. Numverify is considered one of the best carrier lookup tools due to its high accuracy, ease of use, and advanced features. It supports phone number validation, carrier, and line type detection and also provides location details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check if a phone number is real?

You can use a reliable phone validation and carrier lookup tool like numverify to validate and verify any national or international number. Numverify has an object called ‘valid,’ which returns true if the requested phone number is valid.

Can I check the line type of a phone number?

With numverify, you can identify the line type of the specified phone number. It supports several line types, including landlines, mobile numbers, toll-free numbers, and special services numbers. Moreover, it supports both local and international numbers formats and 232 countries worldwide. Numverify also supports carrier detection, which is helpful in fraud prevention.

Is there any free phone number carrier lookup API?

Numverify is a reliable phone number lookup and validation tool that offers a free plan. The free plan allows you to validate up to 250 phone numbers monthly.

Ready to validate your customers’ phone numbers and find the most reliable shipping data? Sign up for numverify API today!