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by | May 6, 2024

Phone number verification plays an important role in customer interactions. When running a business, it is crucial to ensure the accuracy of phone numbers. Phone verification service helps companies to achieve optimized customer engagement. At the same time, they can maintain accurate databases through a Phone Validation Service. We will show you the two most popular options available in the market. These technologies help us verify phone numbers. As developers, you must know that the success of an application depends on accurate and verified data.

Inaccurate business leads can result in losing customers for your business. Numverify and are the two most popular competitors for phone number validation. In this blog post, we will create a detailed comparison between both Phone Number Verification Tools. Let’s explore further to choose the right phone verification service.

The image displays a magnifying glass emphasizing the word "VERIFY" with question marks below, hinting at the scrutiny involved in phone number validation. A developer is seen working on code at a workstation, with the Numverify logo indicating the Phone Validation Service. The scene conveys the concept of thorough phone number verification in a technical setting.

What Are the Key Offerings and Market Positions of Numverify and

Numverify API for Number Validation and simplify the process of phone number validation. As a result, it also eliminates the need for complex coding. Instead, you can use their APIs to enable phone verification for your business. Numverify is renowned for its extensive reach. Moreover, it supports a large number of countries worldwide. It boasts the highest accuracy and speed in verifying phone numbers. As a result, it ensures that your application functions seamlessly across borders. 

Numverify comes with a user-friendly API. This feature makes it easy for developers to integrate it into their applications.

On the other hand, also stands out as a top solution. Besides, it has a focused approach to international coverage for validating phone numbers. The API is known for its simplicity and provides fast response times. As a result, it enhances the overall user experience.

The image shows a developer at a desk with a computer displaying coding scripts, surrounded by icons representing various programming languages and web technologies. In the upper left corner, the Numverify logo and the phrase "PHONE VALIDATOR" indicate the service's focus on phone number validation. The red question marks on a dark blue background suggest inquiry and analysis within the context of development.

What Is the Comparison of Numverify and Phone Validation Service?

We will compare both services based on many factors. Let’s begin.

Feature Comparison

Here is a comparison of the features of both APIs.
Number ValidationYesYes
Format StandardizationYesYes
Location DetectionYes (Country and Carrier)Yes (Country)
Carrier InformationYes (Enhanced with Geographical Location)Limited (Focus on Core Validation)
Unique FeaturesInternational CoverageStreamlined and Focused Approach
User-friendly API (Simple URL Structure)Rapid Response Times
Real-time Processing
Data Returned in JSON Format as Line Type
Geographical Location Enhancement
Comprehensive Carrier Information
Lookups and Validations across 232 Countries and Territories Worldwide

Accuracy and Reliability

We have also conducted a comparison of the accuracy and reliability of both APIs.
Validation SystemBased on the Most Up-to-Date International Numbering PlansRelies on Current and Trusted Telecom Databases
Complex Syntax Rules, Carrier Data, Line Type, and LocationComprehensive Data for National and International Formats
Information for Mobile and Landline Numbers
Security Measures256-bit HTTPS Encryption for Paid CustomersSecure Access for Paid Users through Industry-Standard HTTPS
Data Usage PolicyStrict Adherence to Privacy PolicyEmphasizes Non-Processing and Non-Storage of Phone Numbers
No Processing or Storage of Phone Numbers for Other PurposesClear Privacy Policy

Pricing and Plans

We have created two tables to differentiate the pricing structure of Numverify and Let’s explore them:

Numverify Pricing Structure

FeatureFree PlanBasic PlanProfessional PlanEnterprise Plan
PlanFree PlanBasic PlanProfessional PlanEnterprise Plan
Price$0.00 / mo$14.99 / mo$59.99 / mo$129.99 / mo
Billing CycleN/AMonthly / YearlyMonthly / YearlyMonthly / Yearly
DiscountN/A10% off (Yearly)12.5% off (Yearly)15% off (Yearly)
API Requests1005,00050,000250,000
Real-time FeaturesNumber Validation, Carrier & Line Type, Country & LocationNumber Validation, Carrier & Line Type, Country & LocationNumber Validation, Carrier & Line Type, Country & LocationNumber Validation, Carrier & Line Type, Country & Location
EncryptionN/A256-bit HTTPS256-bit HTTPS256-bit HTTPS
This image depicts a conceptual scene related to phone number validation, with the Numverify logo prominently displayed at the top left. In the foreground, various people are engaging with technology and gears, symbolizing the workings of a phone validator. Large question marks float above, suggesting a focus on solving the mysteries of phone number validation.

Overage for Numverify

When you exceed the allocated quota for your API plan, an overage occurs. Upon reaching the limit of API calls, we charge a small fee for each additional API call. This ensures uninterrupted service. As a result, it also allows your website or application to continue operating seamlessly.

The prices for extra API calls depend on your specific plan. You may check it in the table given below:

Plan NameMonthly PriceNumber of CallsOverage Price per CallOverageTotal Price
Enterprise$129.9960,000$0.002599812,000$161.19 Pricing Structure

PlanLine Type BasicFake Number Check
Price per Lookup$0.004$0.002
DeterminesLine Type (Cell Phone, Landline, VOIP, etc.)Fake Number Check
Fake/Invalid Number Check (99% certainty)
IncludesPorted CheckPorted Check
DeterminesPhone CompanyPhone Company
DeterminesLocation (City and State or State only)Location (City and State or State only)
Available by APIYesYes
Available by BatchYesYes
Minimum Per Batch$35.00$35.00
Batch Turnaround Time15 Minutes5 Minutes

Important Note: The “Custom” plan for Numverify and additional features for are not detailed here. They depend on the specific requirements of your project. Therefore, you must discuss this with the respective providers.

Ease of Integration

Both APIs come with easy integration. Here is the comparison between them.

API IntegrationEasy integration into applicationsSeamless integration with API
Developer SupportDocumentation and support availableComprehensive documentation and support
Ease of ImplementationWell-documented processDetailed guides for smooth implementation
Developer-FriendlyAcknowledged as developer-friendlyEmphasis on developer-friendly features
Community SupportPositive reviews for ease of integrationPositive feedback on ease of integration and assistance

User Experience and Support

It is important to note that the user experience and support can be subjective. In other words, these aspects may vary based on individual preferences and requirements. Therefore, you must explore the respective platform. Moreover, you must also consult user reviews for a more detailed understanding. We have compared the user experience and support of both APIs.
User Interface (UI)Beautiful dashboard for monitoring API usage and fetching API keys. Dashboard is available for ease of use
User-FriendlyKnown for a user-friendly API.Emphasis on simplicity and user-friendly features
Customer SupportStandard support is availableComprehensive support provided for users
Community FeedbackPositive reviews for accuracy and ease of usePositive feedback on user-friendly experience
Integration AssistanceSupport available for integration queriesAssistance provided for smooth integration
Training MaterialsMay offer tutorials and training materials. You may check them by visiting the blog section of the Numverify websiteEducational resources available for users
Response Time (Support)Response times for support are standardEfficient response times for user inquiries

Compliance and Security
Data SecurityProvides secure transmission of dataEmphasis on data security and secure transmission
Data Privacy ComplianceComplies with data privacy regulationsCompliant with data privacy regulations and standards
SSL EncryptionUses SSL encryption for secure data transferEnsures secure data transfer through SSL encryption
GDPR ComplianceCompliant with GDPR regulationsAdheres to GDPR regulations for data protection
HIPAA ComplianceNot specifiedMay support or comply with HIPAA regulations
PCI DSS ComplianceNot specifiedCompliance with PCI DSS standards for payment data security
Audit LogsMay provide audit logs for tracking usageOffers audit logs for monitoring and tracking API usage
API Key SecuritySecure handling of API keys. You may rotate it to generate a new key.Secure mechanisms for API key management and access
Multi-Factor AuthenticationNot specifiedMay offer multi-factor authentication for added security

What Are the Real-World Applications of Numverify and Phone Validation Service?

Here is the list of real-world applications that are benefiting from these APIs:


  • Huawei
  • ZOHO
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Sproxil
  • Lightspeed

  • at&t
  • Sprint
  • Vonage
  • metroPCS
The image presents a scene featuring the Numverify logo and the text "PHONE VALIDATOR" against a navy background, accompanied by large red question marks. A character is centered, actively typing on a laptop, surrounded by floating digital icons like a search bar, email envelope, and code brackets, symbolizing various aspects of online communication and development. The imagery collectively represents the theme of inquiry and data validation in the digital realm.

Phone Verification Service: Conclusion

In conclusion, when evaluating Numverify and, developers and businesses are presented with two robust phone validation services, each with distinct advantages. Numverify’s broad international reach, real-time processing, and comprehensive features make it a strong contender for global applications seeking accuracy and reliability. Meanwhile, offers specialized services with a focus on rapid response times and a user-friendly experience. Both platforms demonstrate a commitment to security and ease of integration, making them valuable tools for enhancing customer interactions and maintaining accurate databases. Ultimately, the choice between Numverify and should be informed by specific project requirements, budget constraints, and desired reach, ensuring the selected service aligns perfectly with your application’s objectives.

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Phone Verification Service: FAQs

What Are the Main Differences Between Numverify and Phone Verification Service?

Numverify is feature-rich, while is a simple API. 

Can I Use Numverify or for International Number Validation?

Yes. Numverify covers 232 countries and territories worldwide.

How Do Numverify and Ensure the Privacy and Security of Data?

Protecting your information is important when using phone validation services like Numverify and They use different ways to ensure your data is protected. For example, secure connections (HTTPS), following rules such as GDPR, and having clear policies about storing and handling data. 

What Is the Cheapest Phone Verification Service Among Both Options?

Based on the provided data, the “Free Plan” from both Numverify and is available at $0.00 per month. Therefore, in terms of cost, both Numverify and offer a free plan. As a result, they are equally affordable in this context. 

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