Why Validating Phone Numbers is Essential for Your Business

by | May 22, 2024

With the rise of spam and fraud, it has become crucial for businesses to ensure that the phone numbers they are contacting are valid and belong to legitimate customers. This is where it becomes highly important to validate phone numbers before any procedure.

Phone number validation ensures that a company’s or customer’s contact information is accurate and reachable It prevents the common pitfalls of miscommunication and wasted resources. This simple step can significantly bolster a company’s ability to connect with customers, deliver timely information, and drive engagement. Whether it’s confirming orders, notifying about changes, or running targeted marketing campaigns, your business must validate phone numbers to streamline operations and amplify customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the benefits of implementing phone number verification into your communication strategy.

What Does Phone Number Validation Mean?

process of validating phone numbers using a random number on two phones

Phone number validation is the process of verifying that a phone number is in the correct format, is currently in service, and belongs to the designated region or country code. This procedure ensures that the phone number is not only theoretically valid in terms of its structure but is also actually capable of receiving calls or texts.

  1. Format Verification: Checking if the phone number meets a specific national or international format. It includes the correct number of digits and appropriate prefixes.
  2. Service Status: This determines whether the phone number is active and capable of receiving communications, which is crucial for applications like SMS verification.
  3. Region Matching: Ensuring the area code or country code corresponds to the expected geographical area.

Phone number validation is important for customer data accuracy, effective communication, fraud prevention, and enhancing the overall user experience. By validating phone numbers, businesses can avoid unnecessary costs associated with misdialed calls and ensure their communication efforts reach their intended audience.

Common Issues Businesses Face During Phone Number Validation

Businesses frequently encounter several common issues when they validate phone numbers. These issues can affect customer outreach, data integrity, and operational efficiency drastically. Here are some of the most prevalent challenges:

Incorrect Number Formats: 

Users often enter phone numbers in varied formats, which may include incorrect country codes, missing digits, or extraneous characters like dashes and spaces. This inconsistency can lead to difficulties in standardizing and validating the numbers.

Outdated Information

Phone numbers are not static; customers might change their numbers without updating their contact details with businesses. This leads to outdated information that can cause businesses to lose contact with their customers.

International Variations

Different countries have different phone number lengths and structures. Businesses operating globally often struggle to accommodate all these variations in their validation processes.

High Volume Processing: 

Validating a large number of phone numbers in real-time can be technically challenging and resource-intensive for businesses with large customer bases.

Compliance with Regulations

Various regions have strict regulations regarding data privacy and usage, such as GDPR in Europe. Compliance becomes a challenge when validating and storing international phone numbers.

Carrier-Specific Issues

Sometimes, even if a phone number is valid, issues with specific carriers or temporary network problems can prevent successful communication, leading to false negatives during validation.

Integration Complexity

 Integrating phone number validation tools with existing CRM systems or databases can be complex, requiring robust technical support to ensure seamless operation.

Cost Concerns

Implementing a comprehensive phone number validation solution can be costly, especially for small businesses or those requiring advanced verification methods like direct carrier checks.

How can Businesses Validate Phone Numbers Effectively?

Addressing the issues businesses face when validating phone numbers requires flexible, powerful validation tools like Numverify. These tools should adapt to different formats and regulations while handling large volumes of data efficiently.

Additionally, businesses should look for phone number validation tools that can grow with them. As a business expands and handles more customer information, having a scalable tool means it can keep up with increasing demands. Overall, these strategies make phone number validation effective and reliable.

Numverify API – the Best Free Phone Number Validator for Businesses

home page of numverify global phone number validation tool with json lookup api

The Numverify API offers a global phone number validation and lookup service through a straightforward and secure JSON API. It’s designed to be easy on your budget while providing advanced tools that simplify the validation process, supporting 232 countries. 

With Numverify, businesses of all sizes can access world-class tech support to ensure smooth integration and effective utilization. Whether you’re looking to enhance data accuracy or improve customer communications, the Numverify API equips you with the necessary resources to validate phone numbers efficiently across the globe.

Features of Numverify

Number Validation

Improve lead quality and maintain a clean user database by validating phone numbers right when they enter your system, helping to prevent fraud effectively.

Validation & Lookup

Easily identify any phone number, domestic or international, by simply entering it into the API’s request URL.

Numbering Plans

Our phone number validation system uses the latest international phone numbering plans to ensure accuracy.

256-bit HTTPS

Secure your data transmissions with 256-bit HTTPS, adhering to industry standards for data encryption.

Interactive Documentation

After signing up, explore the API’s capabilities interactively with real-time examples in the comprehensive documentation.

Extended Usage Statistics

Monitor your API usage with detailed daily or monthly statistics, and receive alerts if your usage approaches the limit.

Pricing Plans

free basic professional and enterprise pricing plans of numverify api to validate phone numbers

Numverify offers an affordable and easy-to-understand four-tier pricing plan.  

  • The first tier is the “Free Plan,” which offers all the basic features and services of the phone number validation tool. 
  • The 2nd tier is the “Basic Plan,” where you get 5000 API requests and enhanced security features for $14.99/month.
  • The 3rd tier is the “Professional Plan,” where you get 50000 API requests, enhanced security, and other advanced tools for $59.99/month.
  • The 4th tier is our all-inclusive suit called the Enterprise Plan.” It includes 250000 API requests and all the advanced features of Numverify for $129.99/month. This one is perfect for big teams.

If you access the Numverify phone number validation API through APILayer Marketplace, you can even get a custom pricing plan. In this tier, you can manage what type of service you require and will be charged accordingly.

Why Should Businesses Validate Phone Numbers Using Numverify API?

Prevent Undelivered Messages

One of the most significant advantages of phone number verification using Numverify is its ability to prevent undelivered messages. Invalid or inactive phone numbers can result in undelivered messages, leading to missed opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction. By validating phone numbers before sending out messages, businesses can ensure that their messages reach their intended recipients.

Reduce Fraud and Spam

In addition to preventing undelivered messages, Numverify can also help businesses fight against fraud and spam. Validate phone numbers to ensure that they are not contacting fraudulent or spam numbers, which can be used for malicious purposes. Numverify uses 256-bit HTTPS, which saves you from Fraudulent activities, such as phishing scams and identity theft.

Improve Customer Data Quality

Validating phone numbers can also help businesses improve the quality of their customer data. Businesses can have more accurate and up-to-date customer information by ensuring that the phone numbers in their database are active and belong to real users. This can be beneficial for customer retention and engagement, as well as for targeted marketing campaigns and maintaining a clean and reliable customer database.

Save Time and Resources

Validate phone numbers with Numverify and save more time and resources. By validating phone numbers before contacting customers, businesses can avoid wasting time and resources on unresponsive or incorrect numbers. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on outbound calls or SMS marketing.

With Numverify API’s easy-to-integrate URL structure and lightweight JSON format, businesses can seamlessly incorporate phone number validation into their existing systems without the need for additional resources or technical expertise. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Gain Valuable Insights

Lastly, phone number verification using Numverify can provide businesses with valuable insights about their customers. With each lookup API request, businesses can access location data, carrier detection, and line type information. It can help them better understand their customers and tailor their communication strategy accordingly. For example, if a business knows that most of its customers use mobile numbers, it can focus on SMS marketing rather than email marketing. 

Validate Phone Numbers with Ease With Numverify API

Get your free Numverify API key and start improving your communication and data accuracy today. This phone number validation tool gives you the ability to seamlessly validate and look up both domestic and international phone numbers directly through your systems. With Numverify, the integration process is straightforward, allowing you to quickly incorporate powerful validation tools into your applications. 

apilayer marketplace for best apis to validate phone numbers

Once set up, you’ll benefit from secure, efficient phone number verification that helps maintain a clean database and improves user engagement. Get your key today from APILayer Marketplace and begin validating phone numbers with unmatched ease and precision. 

In a Nutshell

With increased fraud cases and ever-changing business standards, the necessity for businesses to validate phone numbers cannot be overstated. This seemingly simple step ensures that companies can efficiently reach their customers, deliver important information promptly, and enhance overall engagement. By validating phone numbers, businesses protect themselves against the risks of fraud and spam while ensuring that every call or message reaches its intended recipient. 

Moreover, it aids in maintaining a clean and accurate customer database, saving precious time and resources that might otherwise be wasted on incorrect or outdated contact information. In essence, phone number validation is more than just a procedural task—it’s a vital component of a business’s strategy to improve customer relations, enhance data integrity, and streamline communication processes.


What makes a phone number valid?

A phone number is deemed valid if it accurately follows the format prescribed for its specific region. It should include the correct country and area codes, be actively in service, and comply with local telecommunications regulations. This ensures the number can effectively receive calls and messages, fulfilling the fundamental purpose of a functional communication line.

What is the most common format for phone numbers in international communications?

Phone numbers in international communications are typically written in the format +[Country Code][Area Code][Local Number]. For instance, a U.S. number might appear as +1 212 555 0123.

What factors do phone number validation tools check in a number?

A good phone number validation tool assesses various aspects of a phone number to ensure its legitimacy and functionality. These tools verify the number’s format, check the appropriateness of country and area codes, confirm that the number is actively in service, identify the carrier, and distinguish the line type (mobile, landline, VoIP).

Is Numverify a Free Phone Number Validation Tool?

Yes! Numverify offers a Free Plan where you can use its features without paying anything. However, paid plans are also available with advanced tools and higher usage limits. These paid options allow users to choose a plan that best fits their needs, ensuring they have access to more comprehensive features as required.

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