Create a Strong Phone Number Validation Tool Using Numverify API and Python

by | May 21, 2024

In today’s digital age, correct phone number verification is of great importance for businesses to communicate reliably with customers. Incorrect or invalid phone numbers not only reduce customer satisfaction but can also negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of businesses. Such mistakes can cause businesses to lose potential customers, miscommunication, and even waste costly marketing campaigns. To prevent this, many businesses develop their own phone number validation tool using services such as numverify API.

Numverify API is a game changer when it comes to easily checking the accuracy and validity of phone numbers with its extensive verification features. In this guide, we will introduce the numverify API closely. We will then show you step-by-step how to use it and help businesses strengthen their communication strategies. But first, let’s take a look at the importance of phone number validation.

Understanding the Importance of Phone Number Validation

Phone number verification is a critical practice for today’s businesses. Having accurate and active phone numbers enables businesses to communicate effectively with their customers. It is also of great importance for customer relationship management, marketing campaigns, and service operations. Accurate numbers not only increase customer satisfaction but also increase operational efficiency. Therefore, phone number verification is an essential step for businesses of all sizes.

Preventing Fraud

Phone number verification comes into play in preventing fraudulent activities. Fake or invalid phone numbers are often used by fraudsters to infiltrate the system and especially to create fake accounts. This puts the security of both the business and the customers at risk. Phone validation tools like numverify help to detect and prevent fraud attempts at an early stage by checking the validity of the number. Thus, businesses are protected from losses due to fraud and increase customer trust.

Improving Communication

Correct phone number verification ensures that messages and calls reach their intended recipients. Incorrect or invalid numbers lead to wasted messages and customer dissatisfaction. Especially in marketing campaigns, messages are delivered to the target audience on time and quickly, thanks to the correct numbers. This increases customer engagement and increases conversion rates. Additionally, accurate numbers directly contribute to the smooth running of customer support and service operations.

Data Quality

Maintaining clean and accurate customer databases is vital for businesses and developers. Invalid numbers cause database contamination and disruption of business processes. Accurate phone number verification enables businesses to operate efficiently by maintaining data quality. In this way, customer analyses can be made more accurately and strategic decisions can be made more soundly. Finally, clean databases reduce errors in customer communication and enable more personalized service.

No Verification Challenges

Without phone number verification, businesses may face various challenges. First of all, false or fake numbers can cause major disruptions in customer support processes, as calls or messages sent to the wrong people waste time and resources. Additionally, using wrong numbers in customer loyalty programs or loyalty campaigns may cause targeted promotions not to reach the right people, resulting in decreased customer loyalty. Unverified numbers can also cause disruptions in automatic notification and reminder systems, causing appointment reminders or important updates to not reach customers. Such disruptions seriously affect customer satisfaction and damage the reputation of the business.

Validate Phone Numbers with the Best API: Numverify API

home page of the best phone number validation tool: numverify

The numverify phone number validator tool provides a powerful tool for phone number verification and detailed analysis of number information. Thanks to its global coverage, this API is capable of verifying 232 phone numbers worldwide. This is known as a great advantage for businesses with international customers. This phone validator tool offers the ability to detect carriers and line types (mobile, landline, VoIP, etc.) of phone numbers. This information helps businesses manage customer communications more effectively. Such details allow marketing strategies to be optimized.

Numverify phone verification tool has a high accuracy rate in the verification services it offers. It meticulously checks the validity of phone numbers using up-to-date and accurate databases. By checking the number formats, country codes, and carrier information, the API quickly detects faulty numbers and provides reliable data to businesses. This reliability is especially critical for fraud detection and prevention. Accounts created with fake customer data can facilitate fraud attempts; However, numverify minimizes such risks and increases the security of businesses.

Another important advantage of the numverify phone verification API is the ease of use. The API can be easily integrated with various programming languages, including Python. It provides great convenience to developers with its detailed documentation and sample integration codes. For Python users, it is possible to integrate the API into their projects with a few simple steps. Numverify works via HTTP requests with its RESTful API structure, which makes the integration process quite simple.

As a result, numverify API is an ideal solution to meet the phone number verification needs of businesses with its powerful features, reliability, and easy integration processes. It is ahead of its competitors in the market with its global coverage, comprehensive response model, and ease of use. Numverify API is an essential tool for any business looking to improve its phone number verification process.

Configuring the Development Workspace

Establishing a development environment is the first step in working efficiently and smoothly on software projects. In this section, we will start by installing Python, learning how to get the numverify API key, and installing the necessary Python libraries.

Python Installation

If Python is not yet installed on your computer, you will need to install Python as the first step. You can download the latest version of Python from the Python official website. After the download is complete, install it by running the installer appropriate for your operating system. Don’t forget to check the “Add Python to PATH” option during installation. This will ensure that Python commands are recognized in the terminal or command prompt.


We will need an API key to use the numverify API. This API offers us a free plan as well as multiple paid subscription plans. To get an API key, let’s sign up for one of these plans on the numverify website and get an API key. This key will be used for authentication purposes when making numverify API calls.

Sign up free - Numverify phone number verification API

Installing Required Libraries

To make numverify API calls in Python, we will need a library called ‘requests’. This library allows us to make HTTP requests easily and quickly and facilitates communication with the API. To install the ‘requests’ library, open the terminal or command client and run the following command:

pip install requests

This command will install the ‘requests’ library into the Python environment.

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Building the Phone Number Validation Tool

After setting up the development environment and obtaining the API key, we can now develop a phone number validation tool using the numverify API in Python. To do this, let’s first open a Python file named ‘’ in the file path where we want to develop the application. Then let’s put the following codes in this file:

import requests

def validate_phone_number(api_key, phone_number):
    # API URL
    url = f"{api_key}&number={phone_number}"
        # Making the API request
        response = requests.get(url)
        data = response.json()
        # Checking the response
        if 'valid' in data and data['valid']:
            print(f"Number: {data['number']}")
            print(f"Local Format: {data['local_format']}")
            print(f"International Format: {data['international_format']}")
            print(f"Country Prefix: {data['country_prefix']}")
            print(f"Country Code: {data['country_code']}")
            print(f"Country Name: {data['country_name']}")
            print(f"Location: {data['location']}")
            print(f"Carrier: {data['carrier']}")
            print(f"Line Type: {data['line_type']}")
            print("The phone number is not valid.")
    except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as http_err:
        print(f"HTTP error occurred: {http_err}")
    except Exception as err:
        print(f"Other error occurred: {err}")

# Defining the API key and phone number
api_key = 'API_KEY'
phone_number = '14158586273'

validate_phone_number(api_key, phone_number)

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In the code above, we developed a phone number validation tool with Python. We also used try-except blocks to catch HTTP errors and general errors. We can catch HTTP errors (for example, invalid API key or network connection problems) with ‘requests.exceptions.HTTPError’ and other possible errors with Exception. Let’s run this application with the following command:


The output of the application is as follows:

Phone Number Validation API: Practical Applications and Benefits

practical applications and benefits

Phone number verification APIs help developers and small business owners optimize customer communication and data management processes. These APIs can be easily integrated into existing systems and greatly improve workflows with automation potential.

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Integration with Existing Systems

One of the biggest benefits of phone number verification APIs for developers is that these tools can be easily integrated into existing systems. These APIs generally provide services over the RESTful protocol. This ensures seamless integration between different platforms. For example, developers can integrate it into a verification form on a website or include it in the registration process of a mobile application. In this way, developers can improve business performance by increasing the accuracy of customer databases.


Phone number verification APIs offer the potential to automate verification in workflows. Especially for companies with large volumes of data transactions, automating manual verification processes saves time and resources. This can be useful in many areas, from customer relationship management (CRM) systems to marketing automation tools. For example, a customer support system can speed up responses and increase customer satisfaction by automatically verifying customer contact information.

Improving Customer Data Quality

For small business owners, maintaining accurate customer data records is of utmost importance. Phone number verification APIs ensure customer contact information remains current and accurate. This helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and build a trustworthy reputation. For example, a restaurant owner can send special offers or reservation reminders to verified customers with correct phone numbers and improve customer experience.

Developing Marketing Campaigns

Verified phone numbers increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for small businesses. Having accurate contact information allows you to reach the targeted audience more effectively and increase conversion rates.

Reducing Costs

Failed communication attempts can be costly for small businesses. Messages or calls sent to the wrong or old numbers waste time and resources. Phone number verification APIs increase the efficiency of businesses by reducing such costs. The best example of this is when a company avoids wasted time and business losses that occur when emails or calls sent without verification fail.


All in all, phone number verification is of great importance for businesses to ensure reliability and efficiency in customer communication. Today, phone number verification tools developed with the integration of Python and numverify API help businesses improve customer data quality, optimize marketing campaigns, and reduce communication costs. Thanks to these tools, businesses can effectively communicate with their customers with accurate and up-to-date contact information and make their business processes more efficient.

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Q: What is the phone number validation tool?

A: Phone number verification tool is a tool that allows users to check the validity of entered phone numbers. These tools are usually provided in the form of an API and are used by developers by integrating them into websites, applications, or business processes. Users can check whether their phone number is in the correct format, and find out which country the number belongs to and which carrier it is registered with.

Q: What are the advantages of bulk phone number validation?

A: Bulk phone number verification provides bulk verification of phone numbers in large data sets. The main advantage it provides is that it saves time and resources by verifying large amounts of data collectively instead of checking them one by one. Bulk verification also allows automation of business processes and increases efficiency.

Q: Why global businesses should verify phone numbers?

A: Having global businesses verify phone numbers offers several significant benefits. First of all, thanks to verified phone numbers, businesses can ensure reliability in customer communication and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, using verified numbers can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates. Finally, with accurate and up-to-date contact information, businesses can compete and expand more effectively in international markets.

Q: Is numverify a free phone validation tool?

A: Numverify offers a free phone number verification tool but offers a free version for limited use. The free version limits users to 100 API calls. It also offers paid plans for higher usage limits. For small-scale projects or personal use, the free version may be sufficient to meet basic phone number verification needs.

Q: Can I easily integrate numverify into Python?

A: Yes, you can easily integrate numverify into Python. Numverify serves via RESTful API and is compatible with a popular library such as ‘requests’ used to make HTTP requests in Python. To access the numverify API, simply send HTTP GET requests using your API key. You can receive the response in JSON format and process it as you wish.