How to Do a Phone Number Lookup Using an API?

by | May 11, 2024

Have you ever felt the urgency to validate an individual’s contact information using a phone number lookup? Thanks to the convenience of APIs that make a phone number lookup efficient and easier. 

The APIs swiftly and accurately validate phone numbers and retrieve phone number information such as the owner’s name, location, and even additional details like carrier information. The phone number validation API enhances operational efficiency and improves customer experiences. 

In this article, we will take a look at the best free carrier lookup API in the market. Numverify is a well-known and trustworthy tool for verifying and obtaining information about phone numbers. We will look at how to use Numverify API to perform a phone number lookup and how it can help benefit your business. So let’s get started!

What is Phone Number Lookup?

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Phone number lookup is the process of searching for information about a particular phone number. This can include identifying the caller’s name/owner or user, verifying its validity, and obtaining additional details such as location, caller information, carrier information, and other relevant information.

Phone lookup by number is often used to protect against fraud, identify unknown callers, or simply find information about a phone number for personal or professional purposes. Various tools and services, including online databases, search engines, and specialized software, can perform phone number lookups.

For instance, we can use location from the API response to check the validity of a phone number.

240-204-3291South Marsh IslandTrue
240-208-6044South Padre IslandTrue
210-212-1682North Padre IslandFalse
480-208-1872Green CanyonFalse
225-205-5535Mississippi CanyonTrue
210-204-4521Mustang IslandFalse
212-206-9045Hudson CanyonTrue

How can Phone Number Lookup APIs Benefit Us?

Phone number lookup APIs offer a powerful toolkit for businesses and individuals. The API functions as a programmatic interface, allowing seamless integration with existing applications and workflows. Moreover, the API optimizes operations, enhances customer interactions, and gains valuable insights. Here is how phone number lookup APIs benefit businesses and individuals: 

Accuracy of Customer Databases

The API ensures the accuracy of customer databases by verifying phone numbers in real-time. It also improves campaign effectiveness and reduces communication errors.

Streamlines Verification Processes

The API automates the phone number verification processes. It saves valuable time and allows businesses to improve the overall operational efficiency.

Identification Of Suspicious Phone Numbers 

The API safeguards businesses from financial losses by identifying suspicious phone numbers associated with spam calls. 

Empowers Targeted Marketing

The API provides insights into carrier information and potential location data associated with phone numbers. It empowers businesses to craft targeted marketing campaigns resonating with specific demographics.

Improves Networking

The API provides insights into the caller’s identity. You can research phone numbers before business meetings and potentially discover new business opportunities.

Increases Trust

The API, by verifying the phone numbers, helps individuals and businesses make informed decisions. It safeguards individuals from potential scams.

How Can You Use the Numverify API to Do a Phone Number Lookup?

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Numverify offers an API for developers to use to perform phone number lookup free programmatically. Let’s go over how to use the Numverify API to look up international numbers.

To begin, create a free account on the Numverify website. After you sign up, you’ll be given an API access key to authenticate your API requests. Make an HTTP GET request to the Numverify API endpoint to send messages with the phone number you want to look up and your API access key to perform phone lookup by number. The URL for the endpoint is

Include the cell number you want to look up in the API request’s number parameter. You can also refine your search by including optional parameters such as country_code or format.

The API will respond with a JSON object containing phone number information such as carrier, line type, and geographic location. You can parse this data and use it in your application as needed.

Here’s an example of how to use the Numverify API in Python to perform a cell number lookup:

import requests

access_key = 'your_api_access_key'
phone_number = 'number'

response = requests.get('', params={
    'access_key': access_key,
    'number': phone_number

if response.status_code == 200:
    data = response.json()
    print('Phone number:', data['number'])
    print('Valid:', data['valid'])
    print('Carrier:', data['carrier'])
    print('Location:', data['location'])
    print('Error:', response.status_code)

Note that you’ll need to replace your_api_access_key with your actual API access key and number with the cell number you want to look up.

What Special Features Does NumVerify Offer?

The Numverify API offers many powerful features that make it an indispensable tool for phone number validation and lookup. It is an effective tool for cell number validation and lookup, providing accurate and up-to-date data that can be tailored to specific business requirements. The special features of numverify include:

  • International Numbers: Numverify authenticates phone numbers from 232 countries worldwide by utilizing distinct international dial codes.
  • National Numbers: Numverify confirms local phone numbers by including a 2-digit country code parameter alongside the national number.
  • Location Data: Numverify provides access to essential geographical details such as country and location with every API query.
  • Carrier Detection: Numverify enhances customer validation processes by retrieving comprehensive information about the carrier associated with each phone number.
  • Line Type Detection: Numverify optimizes communication strategies and minimizes undelivered messages by determining the type of phone line – mobile or landline for each number.
  • JSON Results: Numverify delivers results in JSON format. You just have to make a request, and the Numverify API does the rest. 
  • 256-bit HTTPS: The API establishes a secure connection through industry-standard HTTPS encryption, ensuring the safety and security of your information.

Validate Numbers, Boost Sales with Numverify Phone Number Lookup API!

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Numverify offers a robust solution for businesses seeking to ensure the accuracy of their customer contact information. By integrating Numverify’s API into your workflow, you can verify phone numbers, improve communication, and enhance customer relationships. 

To begin harnessing the power of free Phone Number Lookup API, sign up for a free account on the Numverify website. Numverify’s API provides comprehensive validation services, including identifying the owner’s name, location, carrier information, and more. With Numverify’s Phone Number Lookup for free API, businesses can streamline verification processes, identify fraudulent numbers, and personalize marketing efforts, ultimately leading to increased sales and improved operational efficiency. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your business processes and elevate your sales performance with Numverify’s powerful Phone Number Lookup API!

In a Nutshell

The Numverify API stands as a reliable and robust solution for phone number lookup and validation. Whether for compliance verification, targeted marketing, or ensuring accurate customer information, Numverify’s API delivers quick and efficient results tailored to your specific requirements. Its global coverage, rapid response times, and high accuracy rates make it a top choice for businesses across various industries and sizes.

To harness the benefits of Numverify’s API for your business, create an account and obtain an API key. With this key in hand, seamless integration into your applications is just a step away, enabling you to leverage the powerful cell number lookup and validation features to their fullest potential. 

Additionally, Numverify offers comprehensive documentation and technical support, ensuring you can make the most out of the service and confidently achieve your business objectives. Elevate your operations and customer interactions today with Numverify’s trusted, free Phone Number Lookup API.

So why wait? Sign up for Numverify’s API today and take your phone number lookup and validation capabilities to the next level!


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How Can I Check If a Phone Number Is Real?

You can accomplish this quickly using the Numverify API. The Numverify API response comprises nine individual JSON response objects, one of which is the valid object, which returns true if the phone number specified is valid.

What Is a Lookup API?

Users can use the Lookup API to get information from cell numbers and other information about their phones. Lookup APIs support a wide range of data types for various pricing tiers. For example, you can provide specific information about what you want to buy by visiting the search page for product pricing and prices.

What Programming Languages and Platforms Are Supported by Numverify’s API?

The Numverify API is compatible with various programming languages and platforms, including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and .NET.

Is Numverify’s API Accurate?

Yes, Numverify’s API is highly accurate, has global coverage, and responds quickly. Additionally, the service provides customizable options for tailoring your phone number lookup requests to your specific needs.

Is There a Cost to Use Numverify’s API?

Numverify has both free and paid API plans available. The free plan has fewer features, whereas the paid plans have more features and higher usage limits.

What Is the Benefit of Using Numverify’s API for My Business?

The Numverify API can assist your company in verifying phone numbers for compliance, targeting specific regions or carriers for promotions, using carrier information, or providing accurate phone number information to your customers. The service is quick, precise, and simple to integrate into your applications.

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