The Power of APIs: How Phone Numbers API Help Your Business

by | Jun 21, 2023

Most businesses are keenly interested in the number of customers in their database and their active percentage. No matter how big a customer database you have, they are no good if they aren’t functional or show no response to your marketing efforts. That’s why many businesses are turning toward phone number validation APIs, aka phone numbers API.

These revolutionary API number lookup tools can detect whether or not a specific phone number is active, allowing you to track the customer’s activity and avoid calling inactive caller IDs and local or international phone numbers. It also makes the business aware of whether a customer uses an organic or purchased phone number.

This post unboxes a great talk on phone numbers API and how they work wonders in validating phone numbers. Keep reading!

What Is a Phone Number Validator API?  

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software interface with tools that enable communication between different applications. Phone Number Validator API uses these tools to validate the reliability of an array of purchased phone numbers.

The software offers an algorithm that provides access to various databases. These include multiple phone numbers (including toll-free numbers) and related information, like the owner’s name, address, email ID, etc. This information lets you easily verify customer information and check whether an unknown caller is genuine or fake.

Many companies offer phone numbers API services using public and private databases. While some are free for a limited period, others would require you to subscribe to their services for a particular amount. They even offer different packages that suit the needs of different businesses. However, not all companies are the same. Their quality of service and retrieved information may vary according to their data source and API implementation quality.

Why Is Purchased Phone Numbers API Important for Your Business? 

Using Number Lookup is essential for any business that relies on customer communication through phone calls. It could be for sales, marketing campaigns, etc. Several reasons explain the importance of phone number validation for your business. These include:  

Accurate data: It is crucial for any business to have up-to-date and precise customer information or caller id to improve communication. It allows you to verify the phone numbers of potential leads, thereby reducing the possibility of errors and enhancing customers’ communication experience.   

Prevents fraud: This is another vital reason for getting a phone number API for your business. In today’s digital world with abundant fraudulent activities, it is important to be careful while connecting with people online. It helps you verify the identity of the customer or individual you’re communicating with, keeping you safe from becoming a victim of identity theft, phishing, or other fraud.

Enhances customer experience: Phone number APIs are also helpful in improving customer experience and service. APIs offer advanced call routing features that enable you to connect with the right client efficiently. The validation and other features make communication effortless and quick, where representatives are connected instantly, improving response time and also upgrading customer satisfaction.

How Does Number Lookup API Work?  

As we discussed, integrating a number lookup API into your application or website will enable you to verify the validity of phone numbers at the point of entry and protect you from fraud and increase good leads. Let’s see how to integrate numverify API into your application or website.

First, you have to sign up and get the API key for numverify.

By simply attaching your access_key to the base endpoint URL, you can authenticate with the numverify API: 

Make an API Request

It’s straightforward to make a phone verification request to the numverify API since the same main API endpoint returns all existing validation data.

Most basic API request:

Have a look at the below API request URL: (Get a Free Plan and try it yourself. Don’t forget to attach your Access Key to the URL)
    ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
    & number = 14158586273

As we can see, API requires only one parameter (number) to start validating phone numbers in addition to the access_key parameter.

Optional parameters:

country_code: we need to specify a country code if we use a national phone number for our request.

format: set the format to “1” to request prettified JSON result set (use only for debugging!)

callback: append your preferred JSONP callback function name. (See “JSONP Callbacks” section in numverify documentation)

API Response

All numverify validation data is returned in universal and lightweight JSON format. Find below a standard API result set:

Learn more in our comprehensive documentation.

How to Lookup Phone Number

Numverify : Real-Time REST API Supporting 232 Countries

Numverify is one of the top REST API validators. It is a powerful REST API that excels in local and international phone numbers lookup. Providing services in over 230 countries and regions across the globe, it is an excellent choice for a business that has a worldwide customer base. Numverify boasts high accuracy rates with over 95% success, making it a reliable. 

With its advanced features and easy integration with any system and programming language, it offers convenient access to your business needs. Check out our comprehensive documentation to build better understanding on our APIs.

To check out our competitive pricing plans tap here. Numverify is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive API number validators, practical for businesses of all sizes.  

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What Is a Phone Numbers API?  

A phone numbers validation API will help your company to put together a span of data to validate local and international phone numbers. This tool offers capabilities such as detecting the number’s address details, detecting phone carriers and line types, checking that they’re still current, etc.  

How to Use NumVerify API?  

First, you have to sign up to get the API Key. When you have the API Key, it’s straightforward to integrate numverify API to your application or website with a simple API request. Learn more in numverify comprehensive documentation.

How Can I Get Information on a Phone Number for Free?   

There are many phone number look up free APIs in the market, including numverify, which offer free subscriptions to users. You can choose a secured and reliable API and use it for free.